Carolina Bergonzoni

In 2011, I graduated as a Dance Educator, from Mousik√® Bologna (Italy). During this four-semesters course, I learnt how to teach, or better facilitate, the practice of dance in community context, as well as in public school, from pre-elementary to High school, through Laban's principles.

I conducted workshop in different reality in Italy, working in public schools, summer camps, intergenerational project (parents & kids, ageless dancer, ...) and I was an intern in a project with blind non-professional dancers. I also danced with the Greek mix-ability dance company DAGIPOLI, directed by choreographer Jiorgos Christakis.

I am the new artist-in-residency at Roundhouse Community Centre. I will be working with the Community Dancers starting from the Fall 2016 and as an instructor, choreographer, and dancer with All Bodies Dance Project.

See the schedule here.

*Updates coming soon!