Carolina Bergonzoni

I started practicing yoga, Anusara Style, in 2010 under the guide of Simonetta Beccato. Since I moved to Vancouver, my inspiring teacher is Christie Baumgartner. ‚ÄčIn the beginning, yoga was simply a way to move my body and stay connected with it. Then, I felt in love with this practice, which becomes not only an essential part of my life, but also a necessary bound for my dance training. In my classes, I encourage students to work in a safe alignment so that the movement and the breath can flow. Expect a strong focus on breath and body awareness, combined with creative sequence of movement influenced by my dance background. I love freedom and creativity, but I know that I need stability and strength. Yoga is my medicine to find this daily balance. I completed my 200 hours training at the Vancouver School of Yoga, under the guide of amazing teachers such as Lauren Roegele, Christine Price Clark, Shivani Wells, and Sjanie McInnis. I also have many years of training in dance, somatic movement, experiential anatomy and postural education. During the training, I was introduced to Philosophy of Yoga by Natalie Rousseau. I immediately felt in love, so I decided to audit an Indian Philosophy at UBC.

I am available for private and semi-private classes, workshops and corporate classes.